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How To Be Close When You Are Far Away?

It appears that we are entering a period of isolation and social distancing, and by the time this article is published, who knows where we will stand.

And though it is difficult to maintain relationships under these conditions, it is not impossible. In fact, those of us who have engaged in long distance relationships or LDRs, are familiar with some of the ways to keep a relationship functioning.

In essence, it just requires a lot more work, and here is some of the work that we can put in:

1. Lines of Communication. It is important to establish the ways at which you will communicate. If face to face is your preferred way of communicating, what would be your second. For some it could be some form of video chatting, for others could just be through audio calls and texting. But, finding the next best method of social exchange, which you both agree to, is imperative and the foundation of any transition or change that transpires within a relationship.

2. Priority & Consistency. Everyone deals and handles distance differently, so make sure to prioritize the times you will communicate and spend time together. There is a way to have quality time virtually, so having regular engagements with meaning is all that is required.

3. Traditions & Rituals. There is some support to the notion of carrying out a tradition or ritual that is important to those within the relationship. It is actually pretty common among military couples to exhibit this behavior. Whether it is kissing a picture every day, saying a quote to each other and the end of very call, or writing a letter every day, there are ways to let the other person know that you care for them and keep the idea of them close to you.

4. Fun. It is still possible to have fun remotely. There are several accounts of people watching movies or tv shows together from a distance, playing online scrabble or words with friends, or even virtual foreplay. Those people in romantic relationships who have physical touch or words of affirmation as a primary love language may need the acts of video strip-tease, sex chats, or phone sex in order to help process the lack of human to human directness. This is a dialogue that not many LDRs have, but should have, because usually someone is open to the idea.

5. Honesty & Realness. It is vital to be straightforward within this type of relationship, because the time shared is limited and conducted in such an alternate manner, that the relationship relies upon what is expressed. Say what you mean and mean what you say, because if you are not, you may find yourself engaging in some sort of fallacy. In other words, instead of trying to maintain a relationship, you could be just pretending. And, pretending is not good for the other person, and certainly not good for you.

Though there are more ways to feel close to someone even when you are far away, these ways are definitely ones that should not be overlooked.

If this relationship is built on real love, remember that love has no bounds.


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