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It's Been A While Since I Missed An Opportunity

Photo Credit: Ryoji Iwata

We encounter so many different people in our lives, and the potential experiences and bonds that could form are abundant, and I for one want to explore as many opportunities as possible for relationship building.

I have realized that there are several people that I have briefly cross paths with in my life. And, I have learned those engagements do not have to be brief. I can actively pursue these people, I can attempt to let our paths cross again. I can make our engagements last longer.

I believe once we become confident and comfortable in our own skin, we have the drive that is necessary to put ourselves out there.

There is a possibility that someone at some point in my life wanted to get to know me more and be close with me, but was fearful or anxious to initiate or reach out.

And since that possibility exists, I will always reach out and initiate at least once.

I say at least once, because I have learned not everyone understands this phenomenon. I like to believe at some point they will eventually understand, but until then, I have to press on. I cannot compromise my growth waiting for others to comprehend something they are still resistant to consider. And besides, there are many other people out there unknowingly waiting for me, as well as you, to cross paths with them.

I want to make sure I am not missing any opportunity.

I want to make sure I have given this person a real chance at being a part of my life, because every person is special.

Every person has a different outlook or perspective on life that I can learn from.

They each hold a piece to my puzzle. And, for those who vibe with me and establish a long-lasting vibe, I know their pieces fit me.

Some people have told me that I have a perspective that is unique and inspiring, and I often say in return, "I am a reflection of those around me".

We should all be reflections of those around us. And, we should be looking to expand ourselves more by looking for more people to connect with in our lives.

We should never stop.

We should never stop looking to add people to our lives. There is no cap, no max. The more, the merrier.

Who knows the impact someone could have on us? Who knows the impact we could have on someone too? And, who knows how close we could be with someone before really getting to know them?

And that is why, It's Been A While Since I Missed An Opportunity.


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