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Relationships + Nay = ReNaytionships

The founder of Renaytionships is Naquan Ross, also known as Nay. The platform was created to promote awareness and start conversations about relationships. The goal is to take what you see and hear on this platform and apply it to your life: whether that be through your dating and social habits, or an open dialogue with your significant other.


Nay often refers to himself as a Relationship Activist, and believes that most people can avoid certain negative feelings or negative perceptions as it pertains to relationships by understanding relationships in depth. He is aware that most negative habits, behaviors, and decisions often stem from an unhealthy relationship or an unhealthy relationship outlook.


Nay is aware that combating the negative aspects and consequences of relationships is a challenge, and though even he is growing and learning more as he becomes more experienced in the field, people like him must try. That is why Renaytionships was started, for Nay to be one of the activist to help us understand relationships.



Naquan Ross, also known as Nay, is a relationship researcher, blogger, and coach. Nay has a B.A. in Psychology from Binghamton University, a M.S. in Experimental Psychology from Seton Hall University, and is currently pursuing a Ph.D in Experimental Health Psychology at Ohio University. Nay has been committed to understanding intimate relationships for almost a decade, and has demonstrated a consistent passion through his ongoing projects.


Nay has worked on research related to mate preferences, social perception, sex, personality in relationships, and teenage dating. He has had previous roles as a Healthy Relationships instructor, Safe Sex facilitator, and Public Speaker. Nay has a special interest in adult attachment, dating, sexual perceptions, preferences, mindfulness, emotional regulation, relationship anxiety, and relationship ambivalence from a social, behavioral, and physiological perspective.


Nay believes that the key to understanding relationships is awareness. And the more aware we become, the more manageable our relationships can be.

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