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Welcome to Renaytionships Blogs

The blogs are organized according to various blog series, and here is a summary about each of them:

  • Nay Says: Read a brief summary and review on relationship research. Nay takes time to read empirical studies by a variety of psychologists, and highlights points he believes are important for you to take away. But don't worry, Nay also provides you with information for you to find the source of his reviews, in case you want to learn more.

  • The Girl Who: Nay reflects on his past relationships and social interactions through the critical lens and background he has now. He believes through processing these experiences, he can help you begin to process yours. 

  • Odyssey: Nay writes for the blog site Odyssey, offering objective advice on a variety of relationship topics.

  • To You: Stephanie addresses messages to herself and past significant others, as a reminder of how strong and capable she is. The hope is for you to not blame yourself for any feelings or relationships you have had.

  • It's Been A While...: Nay rediscovers the many relationship-oriented experiences he has neglected, ignored, or has not done in recent times. Hopefully, you begin to realize and be mindful of the experiences you no longer participate in, but wish you did.  

  • Medium: Nay writes for the blog site Medium, offering personal relationship lessons to anyone interested. 

  • My Person: Red Kronos opens up about opening up. The intention is for you to be receptive that unexpected things happen to you with respect to relationships, and often those unexpected things can be exactly what you need. Do not hide, embrace.

  • How It Feels: Kelly retells experiences she has had and the emotions she has felt through her discovery to finding herself. The goal is for you to try to be honest about your feelings, at least to yourself

  • Day One: Alexandria narrates her journey in loving and accepting herself as she deals with a medical condition she never expected to have. The purpose is for you to love and be brave through your adversities. 

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