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How To Truly Love Yourself?

I think this is something most people do not think about unless they have experienced low self-esteem for an extended period of time. If you have had long periods of your life where you felt less than, devalued, depressed, or even lonely, and now feel none of those things, then you likely understand the title of this article.

See, for the most part people like themselves, because of the natural response of the ego and because they are the only ones who have to contend with themselves nonstop.

Life is life, but our perceptions are often shaky. So, even if you say you like yourself, you may not like yourself as much as you think. When was the last time you challenged that?

When you have taken a deep look into yourself and still liked yourself?

A logical person will notice things they do not like, but still like themselves overall. A person with low self-esteem, may not be so logical. They may get tripped up over the little mistakes that seem so big to them, they may feel that others' outlook of them is of pity or of disgust, or they may think that no one could ever truly love them.

But when you get to a point of awareness, where you understand that everyone makes mistakes, and that everyone is not perfect, you begin to get a real rejuvenating energy that is unrecognizable to you.

You begin to love yourself.

Now, most people would stop there, but this love could go further.

Think of someone you love, someone you truly love, and all the things you are willing to do for them. Ask yourself, would you do all those things for yourself?

How we fall in love with someone, is how we should fall in love with ourselves.

We should:

Prioritize our needs and acknowledge our desires.

Selfless people tend to put this on the back burner, but if we do not often put ourselves first, who will?

Accept the past and what is to come.

We have to accept ourselves, flaws and all, because we made choices at a time that we have no control over now. And unfortunately, there is likely a chance we will see a few more things down the line that we may not be so fond of after the fact. The point is to not judge yourself.

Express your love.

Treat Yo Self. If you know you would go all out for someone you love, go all out for yourself. Don’t you love yourself? Show yourself how much? How much are you willing to do?

Travel, buy yourself something you have always wanted, or even celebrate your birthday in multiple ways for multiple days!

Because that's truly loving yourself!

And the most rewarding thing is that when you get to the point of truly loving yourself, Nothing and No One could say or do anything to change that!

Photo Credit: Matt Teich


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