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It's Been A While... Since I Shared My Feelings

It's been a while... since I shared my feelings. It is funny because there is a stereotype that men have a difficult time or are reluctant sharing their emotions, especially publicly, but I used to pride myself on not being restricted to such stereotypes. However, I think to some degree I felt comfortable not writing, not sharing, not expressing myself.

See when you become a blogger, it is expected that you deliver new material consistently. Personally, I tried to deliver two original articles a week to my readers. But since my blogging is tied to the forum of relationships, a personal and intricate subject, my emotions can influence how I write. And, that is something I would mindfully try to reduce. Yes, there are some blogs that are meant to be personal and about one's emotions, but there needs to be caution writing emotionally. My goal is to never sway anyone in a particular direction in my writing, but to bring another layer of awareness, or at the very least have someone process their own complexities in their relationships.

And for me, I did not have that same assurance over the past few months. I decided, that I will allow others to continue to write their series' on my platform. I decided to share the works of others more on multiple platforms. Cause though I may not have been ready to write again, others are, and many people like you who reads this, need to stay engage. People like you, should continue to seek and read more insightful perspectives and research on relationships, even if it is not from me. I knew I would write when I was ready to write.

And as you all have figured out, I am ready to write again. I was not going through any particular bad experience or break-up, as some of you may imagine, but I just needed a respite. A break from feeling compelled to share when I did not quite want to share.

Through this period of reflection, I came to realize that my blogging may not fit the traditional publishing schedule of blogs, but that my blogs would still be authentic and represent me.

I know there are other things in my life and in my relationships that I have taken breaks from doing or thinking about, so this new blog series is dedicated to that fact. This is a road to rediscovering things I have benched or not attended to with respect to relationships. And in doing this, I hope everyone contemplates what they have pushed aside or ignored.

Because for all of us, It's Been A While...


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