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To You: The One Looking To Start Again

Change is scary isn’t it? Life was simpler when the only decisions you had to make were what color crayon would look best for drawing a house. But now you’re at that point again where you have to start thinking of building your own house, your real future. You already kicked the scum to the curb...okay so maybe that’s a little optimistic. You’re trying to remove the toxicity from your life because you know that a house is only as good as its foundation. 

But how do you start all over again? How can you knock your entire house down and start all over again?I mean, as fabulous as HGTV makes it look, remodels are scary, and emotions aren’t like replacing old floors. It’s easier to go back to what you know, what makes you comfortable, right?

There’s comes a point in your life where you have to decide whether or not you are willing to sacrifice everything, your entire house, your entire future, and put it in the hands of an unstable, emotionally distant partner. Change is scary, but so is the thought of everything you’ve ever hoped and dreamed of falling apart 10 years, maybe 5 years, maybe not even that long, down the line.

Letting go of what holds you back can be the most freeing and lighten experience ever. When you let go of the past, a whole new world of opportunities opens up right in front of you.And the best part is that even if one door doesn’t lead you to where you want to go, there’s always another door you can go into. It’s like getting lost in a billionaire’s mansion, behind every change of perspective is a new experience waiting for you.

And you may have to kiss some more frogs along the way. But that’s okay! I’ve been told that if you kiss enough frogs one will eventually turn into a prince right before your very eyes when you least expect it. So, go on some blind dates, talk to a few strangers. Let yourself be vulnerable.

A house cannot be sold unless it is put on the market, so allow yourself to open your doors and know that whenever you feel uncomfortable you can always close those doors for a while and focus on yourself. There’s always room for interior home improvement, and you don’t always need someone else’s help for that. But when you’re ready, those doors will open again. You just have to be willing to take that chance. 


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